Mapdl.afsurf(sarea='', tline='', **kwargs)#

Generates surface elements overlaid on the surface of existing solid elements.


This assigns extra nodes to the closest fluid element node.

This command macro is used to generate surface effect elements overlaid on the surface of existing solid elements and, based on proximity, to determine and assign the extra node for each surface element. The underlying volumes of the solid region and the fluid lines must be meshed prior to calling this command macro. The active element type must be SURF152 with appropriate settings for KEYOPT(4), KEYOPT(5), KEYOPT(6), and KEYOPT(8).

The surface areas of the solid and the target lines of the fluid are grouped into components and named using the CM command. The names must be enclosed in single quotes (e.g., ‘SAREA’) when the AFSURF command is manually typed in.

When using the GUI method, node and element components are created through the picking dialog boxes associated with this command.

The macro is applicable for the SURF152 and FLUID116 element types.


Component name for the surface areas of the meshed solid volumes.


Component name for the target lines meshed with fluid elements.