Mapdl.blc4(xcorner='', ycorner='', width='', height='', depth='', **kwargs)#

Creates a rectangular area or block volume by corner points.

APDL Command: BLC4

Defines a rectangular area anywhere on the working plane or a hexahedral volume with one face anywhere on the working plane. A rectangle will be defined with four keypoints and four lines. A volume will be defined with eight keypoints, twelve lines, and six areas, with the top and bottom faces parallel to the working plane. See the BLC5, RECTNG, and BLOCK commands for alternate ways to create rectangles and blocks.

xcorner, ycorner

Working plane X and Y coordinates of one corner of the rectangle or block face.


The distance from XCORNER on or parallel to the working plane X-axis that, together with YCORNER, defines a second corner of the rectangle or block face.


The distance from YCORNER on or parallel to the working plane Y-axis that, together with XCORNER, defines a third corner of the rectangle or block face.


The perpendicular distance (either positive or negative based on the working plane Z direction) from the working plane representing the depth of the block. If DEPTH = 0 (default), a rectangular area is created on the working plane.


Volume or area number of the block or rectangle.


Create a block with dimensions 1 x 2 x 10 with one corner of the block at (0, 0) of the current working plane.

>>> vnum = mapdl.blc4(1, 1, 1, 2, 10)
>>> vnum
Return type: