Mapdl.bsplin(p1='', p2='', p3='', p4='', p5='', p6='', xv1='', yv1='', zv1='', xv6='', yv6='', zv6='', **kwargs)#

Generate a single line from a spline fit to a series of keypoints.


p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6

Keypoints through which a spline is fit. At least two keypoints must be defined.

XV1, YV1, ZV1

Orientation point of an outward vector tangent to line at P1. Vector coordinate system has its origin at the keypoint. Coordinate interpretation corresponds to the active coordinate system type, i.e., X is R for cylindrical, etc. Defaults to zero curvature slope.

XV6, YV6, ZV6

Orientation point of an outward vector tangent to a line at P6 (or the last keypoint specified if fewer than six specified). Defaults to zero curvature slope.


Line number of the spline generated from the spline fit.


One line is generated between keypoint P1 and the last keypoint entered. The line will pass through each entered keypoint. Solid modeling in a toroidal coordinate system is not recommended.


Generate a spline through (0, 0, 0), (0, 1, 0) and (1, 2, 0)

>>> k0 = mapdl.k("", 0, 0, 0)
>>> k1 = mapdl.k("", 0, 1, 0)
>>> k2 = mapdl.k("", 1, 2, 0)
>>> lnum = mapdl.bsplin(k0, k1, k2)
Return type: