Mapdl.cbmd(row='', c_r__r_='', c_r__r_plus_1_='', c_r__r_plus_2_='', c_r__r_plus_3_='', c_r__r_plus_4_='', c_r__r_plus_5_='', **kwargs)#

Specifies preintegrated section mass matrix for composite-beam

APDL Command: CBMD sections.


Row number of the matrix.

c(r)(r), … , c(r)(r+5)

Upper triangle of the cross-section mass matrix [C].


With a unit beam length, the section mass matrix relates the resultant forces and torques to accelerations and angular accelerations as follows (applicable to the local element coordinate system):

The CBMD command, one of several composite beam section commands, specifies the section mass matrix (submatrix [C] data) for a composite beam section. The section data defined is associated with the section most recently defined (SECTYPE) at the specified temperature (CBTMP).

Unspecified values default to zero.

Related commands are CBTMP, CBTE, and CBMX.

For complete information, see Using Preintegrated Composite Beam Sections.