Mapdl.cint(action='', par1='', par2='', par3='', par4='', par5='', par6='', par7='', **kwargs)#

Defines parameters associated with fracture parameter calculations

APDL Command: CINT


Specifies action for defining or manipulating initial crack data:

NEW - Initiate a new calculation and assign an ID.

CTNC - Define the crack tip node component.

CENC - Define the crack extension node component, the crack tip node, and the crack

extension direction.

TYPE - Define the type of calculation to perform.

DELE - Delete the CINT object associated with the specified ID.

NCON - Define the number of contours to be calculated in the contour-integral


SYMM - Indicate whether the crack is on a symmetrical line or plane.

NORM - Define the crack plane normal.

UMM - Activate or deactivate the unstructured mesh method.

EDIR - Crack-assist extension direction.

PLOT - Plots crack front and crack tip coordinate system.

CXFE - Define the crack tip element or crack front element set. Valid for XFEM-based

crack-growth analysis only.

RADIUS - Define the radius at which the given value is to be evaluated. Valid for XFEM-

based crack-growth analysis only.

RSWEEP - Define the minimum and maximum sweep angle from existing crack direction. Valid

for XFEM-based crack-growth analysis only.