circle#'', rad='', paxis='', pzero='', arc='', nseg='', **kwargs)#

Generate circular arc lines.


Generates circular arc lines (and their corresponding keypoints). Keypoints are generated at regular angular locations (based on a maximum spacing of 90 degrees). Arc lines are generated connecting the keypoints. Keypoint and line numbers are automatically assigned, beginning with the lowest available values [NUMSTR]. Adjacent lines use a common keypoint. Line shapes are generated as arcs, regardless of the active coordinate system. Line shapes are invariant with coordinate system after they are generated.


Keypoint defining the center of the circle (in the plane of the circle).


Radius of the circle. If RAD is blank and PCENT = P, the radius is the distance from PCENT to PZERO.


Keypoint defining axis of circle (along with PCENT). If PCENT = P and PAXIS is omitted, the axis is normal to the working plane.


Keypoint defining the plane normal to circle (along with PCENT and PAXIS) and the zero degree location. Need not be in the plane of the circle. This value is not required if PAXIS is defined along the Y axis (that is, a circle in the XZ plane).


Arc length (in degrees). Positive follows right-hand rule about PCENT-PAXIS vector. Defaults to 360 degrees.


Number of lines around circumference (defaults to minimum required for 90 degrees-maximum arcs, i.e., 4 for 360 degrees). Number of keypoints generated is NSEG for 360 degrees or NSEG + 1 for less than 360 degrees.


List of lines of the circular arcs generated from this command.


Create a full circle containing four circular arcs. Circle centered at (0, 0, 0) and generated in the XY plane. Return the lines generated from the circle.

>>> k0 = mapdl.k("", 0, 0, 0)
>>> k1 = mapdl.k("", 0, 0, 1)
>>> carc0 =, 1, k1)
>>> carc0
[1, 2, 3, 4]
Return type: