Mapdl.dsurf(kcn='', xsurf='', ysurf='', zsurf='', **kwargs)#

Defines the surface upon which digitized nodes lie.



Surface is located in coordinate system KCN. KCN may be 0,1,2 or any previously defined local coordinate system number.

xsurf, ysurf, zsurf

Input one value to define the surface constant. Input 999 in the other two fields. Interpret fields as R, θ, Z for cylindrical or R, θ, Φ for spherical or toroidal coordinate systems. XSURF and YSURF default to 999 if KCN = 0.


Defines the surface upon which the nodes to be digitized (with the DIG command) actually lie. Surfaces are defined by a coordinate system number and a coordinate constant [MOVE]. Two coordinates are determined from the drawing and converted to surface coordinates. The third coordinate is defined from the input surface constant. If nodes lie on warped or undefined surfaces, use the DMOVE command.