Mapdl.edele(iel1='', iel2='', inc='', **kwargs)#

Deletes selected elements from the model.


Deleted elements are replaced by null or “blank” elements. Null elements are used only for retaining the element numbers so that the element numbering sequence for the rest of the model is not changed by deleting elements. Null elements may be removed (although this is not necessary) with the NUMCMP command. If related element data (pressures, etc.) are also to be deleted, delete that data before deleting the elements. EDELE is for unattached elements only. You can use the xCLEAR family of commands to remove any attached elements from the database.

iel1, iel2, inc

Delete elements from iel1 to iel2 (defaults to iel1) in steps of inc (defaults to 1). If iel1='ALL', iel2 and inc are ignored and all selected elements [ESEL] are deleted. A component name may also be substituted for iel1 (iel2 and inc are ignored).


Delete the elements 10 through 25

>>> mapdl.edele(10, 25)
'DELETE SELECTED ELEMENTS FROM         10 TO         25 BY          1'
Return type: