Mapdl.edweld(option='', nweld='', n1='', n2='', sn='', ss='', expn='', exps='', epsf='', tfail='', nsw='', cid='', **kwargs)#

Defines a massless spotweld or generalized weld for use in an explicit

APDL Command: EDWELD dynamic analysis.


Label identifying the option to be performed:

ADD - Define a weld (default). This weld may be a spotweld between two nodes or a

generalized weld. A massless spotweld will be defined if valid node numbers are specified in fields N1 and N2. A generalized weld will be defined if a node component is specified in field N1.

DELE - Delete specified weld. If NWELD is blank, all welds are deleted.

LIST - List specified weld. If NWELD is blank, all welds are listed.


Reference number identifying the spotweld or generalized weld.

n1, n2

For a spotweld, N1 and N2 are the nodes which are connected by the spotweld. For a generalized weld, input a nodal component name in N1 and leave N2 blank. The nodal component should contain all nodes that are to be included in the generalized weld.


Normal force at spotweld failure.


Shear force at spotweld failure.


Exponent for normal spotweld force.


Exponent for shear spotweld force.


Effective plastic strain at ductile failure (used only for a generalized weld).


Failure time for constraint set (used only for a generalized weld); default = 1.0e20.


Number of spot welds for the generalized weld.


Coordinate system ID number (CID) to be used for output data (used only for a generalized weld). The coordinate system must be previously defined with the EDLCS command.


This command can be used to define a massless spotweld between two nodes or a generalized weld for a group of nodes. For a spotweld, the nodes specified by N1 and N2 must not be coincident. For a generalized weld, coincident nodes are permitted, but CID must be specified when using coincident nodes. EDWELD is not updated after a node merge operation; therefore, node merging [NUMMRG,NODE] should be done before any EDWELD definitions. Nodes connected by a spotweld or generalized weld cannot be constrained in any other way.

Failure of the weld occurs when:

where fn and fs are normal and shear interface forces. Normal interface force fn is nonzero for tensile values only.

You can graphically display spotwelds by issuing the command /PBC,WELD,,1.

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.