Mapdl.endrelease(tolerance='', dof1='', dof2='', dof3='', dof4='', **kwargs)#

Specifies degrees of freedom to be decoupled for end release.



Angle tolerance (in degrees) between adjacent elements. Defaults to 20°. Set TOLERANCE to -1 to indicate all selected elements.

dof1, dof2, dof3, dof4

Degrees of freedom to release. If Dof1 is blank, WARP is assumed and Dof2, Dof3, and Dof4 are ignored.

WARP - Release the warping degree of freedom (default).

ROTX - Release rotations in the X direction.

ROTY - Release rotations in the Y direction.

ROTZ - Release rotations in the Z direction.

UX - Release displacements in the X direction.

UY - Release displacements in the Y direction.

UZ - Release displacements in the Z direction.

BALL - Create ball joints (equivalent to releasing WARP, ROTX, ROTY, and ROTZ).


This command specifies end releases for the BEAM188, BEAM189, PIPE288, and PIPE289 elements. The command works on currently selected nodes and elements. It creates end releases on any two connected beam elements whose angle at connection exceeds the specified tolerance. From within the GUI, the Picked node option generates an end release at the selected node regardless of the angle of connection (angle tolerance is set to -1).

Use the CPLIST command to list the coupled sets generated by the ENDRELEASE command.

Note:: : You should exercise due engineering judgement when using this command, as improper use may result in mechanics that render a solution impossible.