Mapdl.esize(size='', ndiv='', **kwargs)#

Specifies the default number of line divisions.



Default element edge length on surface boundaries (i.e., lines). Divisions are automatically calculated (rounded upward to next integer) from line lengths. If SIZE is zero (or blank), use NDIV.


Default number of element divisions along region boundary lines. Not used if SIZE is input.


Specifies the default number of line divisions (elements) to be generated along the region boundary lines. The number of divisions may be defined directly or automatically calculated. Divisions defined directly for any line [LESIZE, KESIZE, etc.] are retained. For adjacent regions, the divisions assigned to the common line for one region are also used for the adjacent region. See the MOPT command for additional meshing options.

For free meshing operations, if smart element sizing is being used [SMRTSIZE] and ESIZE,SIZE has been specified, SIZE will be used as a starting element size, but will be overridden (i.e., a smaller size may be used) to accommodate curvature and small features.

This command is also valid for rezoning.