Mapdl.esys(kcn='', **kwargs)#

Sets the element coordinate system attribute pointer.

APDL Command: ESYS


Coordinate system number:

0 - Use element coordinate system orientation as defined

(either by default or by KEYOPT setting) for the element (default).

N - Use element coordinate system orientation based on

local coordinate system N (where N must be greater than 10). For global system 0, 1, or 2, define a local system N parallel to appropriate system with the LOCAL or CS command (for example: LOCAL,11,1).


Identifies the local coordinate system to be used to define the element coordinate system of subsequently defined elements. Used only with area and volume elements. For non-layered volume elements, the local coordinate system N is simply assigned to be the element coordinate system. For shell and layered volume elements, the x and y axes of the local coordinate system N are projected onto the shell or layer plane to determine the element coordinate system. See Understanding the Element Coordinate System for more details. N refers to the coordinate system reference number (KCN) defined using the LOCAL (or similar) command. Element coordinate system numbers may be displayed [/PNUM].

Return type: