Mapdl.etchg(cnv='', **kwargs)#

Changes element types to their corresponding types.



Converts the element types to the corresponding type. Valid labels are:

ETI - Explicit to Implicit

ITE - Implicit to Explicit

TTE - Thermal to Explicit

TTS - Thermal to Structural

STT - Structural to Thermal

MTT - Magnetic to Thermal

FTS - Fluid to Structural

ETS - Electrostatic to Structural

ETT - Electrical to Thermal


Changes the currently defined element types to their corresponding types. Elements without a companion element (listed above) are not switched and should be switched with the ET command to an appropriate element type or to a null element. The KEYOPT values for the switched element types are reset to zero or to their default values. You must check these values to see if they are still meaningful. Additionally, if Cnv = ETI, ITE, or TTE, all real constants are set to zero.

If Cnv = ITE, you will need to choose a material model that corresponds to your previously-defined material properties. If working interactively, you will be prompted to do so.

Return type: