Mapdl.igesout(fname='', ext='', att='', **kwargs)#

Writes solid model data to a file in IGES Version 5.1 format.



File name and directory path (248 characters maximum, including the characters needed for the directory path). An unspecified directory path defaults to the working directory; in this case, you can use all 248 characters for the file name.


Filename extension (eight-character maximum).


Attribute key:

0 - Do not write assigned numbers and attributes of the

solid model entities to the IGES file (default).

1 - Write assigned numbers and attributes of solid model

entities (keypoints, lines, areas, volumes) to the IGES file. Attributes include MAT, TYPE, REAL, and ESYS specifications as well as associated solid model loads and meshing (keypoint element size, number of line divisions and spacing ratio) specifications.


Causes the selected solid model data to be written to a coded file in the IGES Version 5.1 format. Previous data on this file, if any, are overwritten. Keypoints that are not attached to any line are written to the output file as IGES entity 116 (Point). Lines that are not attached to any area are written to the output file as either IGES Entity 100 (Circular Arc), 110 (Line), or 126 (Rational B-Spline Curve) depending upon whether the ANSYS entity was defined as an arc, straight line, or spline. Areas are written to the output file as IGES Entity 144 (Trimmed Parametric Surface). Volumes are written to the output file as IGES entity 186 (Manifold Solid B-Rep Object). Solid model entities to be written must have all corresponding lower level entities selected (use ALLSEL,BELOW,ALL) before issuing command. Concatenated lines and areas are not written to the IGES file; however, the entities that make up these concatenated entities are written.

Caution:: : Section properties assigned to areas, lines and other solid model entities will not be maintained when the model is exported using IGESOUT.

If you issue the IGESOUT command after generating a beam mesh with orientation nodes, the orientation keypoints that were specified for the line (LATT) are no longer associated with the line and are not written out to the IGES file. The line does not recognize that orientation keypoints were ever assigned to it, and the orientation keypoints do not “know” that they are orientation keypoints. Thus the IGESOUT command does not support (for beam meshing) any line operation that relies on solid model associativity. For example, meshing the areas adjacent to the meshed line, plotting the line that contains the orientation nodes, or clearing the mesh from the line that contains orientation nodes may not work as expected. See Meshing Your Solid Model in the Modeling and Meshing Guide for more information about beam meshing.