Mapdl.l(p1='', p2='', ndiv='', space='', xv1='', yv1='', zv1='', xv2='', yv2='', zv2='', **kwargs)#

Define a line between two keypoints.

APDL Command: L

Defines a line between two keypoints from P1 to P2. The line shape may be generated as “straight” (in the active coordinate system) or curved. The line shape is invariant with coordinate system after it is generated. Note that solid modeling in a toroidal coordinate system is not recommended. A curved line is limited to 180 degrees. Lines may be redefined only if not yet attached to an area.


Keypoint at the beginning of line.


Keypoint at the end of line.


Number of element divisions within this line. Normally this field is not used; specifying divisions with LESIZE, etc. is recommended.


Spacing ratio. Normally this field is not used, as specifying spacing ratios with the LESIZE command is recommended. If positive, space is the nominal ratio of the last division size (at P2) to the first division size (at P1). If the ratio is greater than 1, the division sizes increase from P1 to P2, and if less than 1, they decrease. If space is negative, then space is the nominal ratio of the center division size to those at the ends.


The line number of the generated line.


Create a line between the two keypoints (0, 0, 0) and (1, 0, 0)

>>> k0 = mapdl.k("", 0, 0, 0)
>>> k1 = mapdl.k("", 1, 0, 0)
>>> lnum = mapdl.l(k0, k1)
>>> lnum
Return type: