Mapdl.layplot(iel='', layr1='', layr2='', **kwargs)#

Displays the layer stacking sequence for layered elements.



Element number for the display. If blank and the current element type is a layered element type, display data from the current real constant table.

layr1, layr2

Range of layer numbers to be displayed. If LAYR1 is greater than LAYR2, a reversed order display is produced. Up to 20 layers may be displayed at a time. LAYR1 defaults to 1. LAYR2 defaults to LAYR1 if LAYR1 is input or to the number of layers (or to 19+LAYR1, if smaller) if LAYR1 is not input.


Displays the layer-stacking sequence as defined in the real constant table for layered shell and solid elements in a form where the layers are visible (like a sheared deck of cards).

The element x-axis is shown as 0.0 degrees.

Layers are cross-hatched and color-coded for clarity. The hatch lines indicate the layer angle (real constant THETA) and the color coding is for material identification (real constant MAT).

The actual orientation of a specific layer in three-dimensional space can be seen using /PSYMB,LAYR. To use /PSYMB,LAYR with smeared reinforcing elements (REINF265), first set the vector-mode graphics option (/DEVICE,VECTOR,1).

Layer thickness can be displayed using the /ESHAPE and EPLOT commands.

This command is valid in any processor.