Mapdl.lrotat(nk1='', nk2='', nk3='', nk4='', nk5='', nk6='', pax1='', pax2='', arc='', nseg='', **kwargs)#

Generates circular lines by rotating a keypoint pattern about an axis.


nk1, nk2, nk3, … , nk6

List of keypoints in the pattern to be rotated (6 maximum if using keyboard entry). If NK1 = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). If NK1 = ALL, all selected keypoints (except PAX1 and PAX2) will define the pattern to be rotated. A component name may also be substituted for NK1.

pax1, pax2

Keypoints defining the axis about which the keypoint pattern is to be rotated.


Arc length (in degrees). Positive follows right-hand rule about PAX1-PAX2 vector. Defaults to 360.


Number of lines (8 maximum) around circumference. Defaults to minimum required for 90° (maximum) arcs, i.e., 4 for 360°, 3 for 270°, etc.


Generates circular lines (and their corresponding keypoints) by rotating a keypoint pattern about an axis. Keypoint patterns are generated at regular angular locations (based on a maximum spacing of 90°). Line patterns are generated at the keypoint patterns. Keypoint and line numbers are automatically assigned (beginning with the lowest available values [NUMSTR]).