Mapdl.mshpattern(key='', **kwargs)#

Specifies pattern to be used for mapped triangle meshing.



Key indicating triangle pattern to be used (the figures below illustrate the pattern that will be used for each value of KEY):

0 - Let ANSYS choose the pattern (the default). ANSYS maximizes the minimum angle

of the triangular-shaped elements that are created.

1 - Unidirectional split at node I.

2 - Unidirectional split at node J.


“Mapped triangle meshing” refers to the ANSYS program’s ability to take a map-meshable area and mesh it with triangular elements, based on the value of MSHPATTERN,KEY. This type of meshing is particularly useful for analyses that involve the meshing of rigid contact elements.

The MSHPATTERN command is valid only when you have specified that ANSYS use triangle-shaped elements [MSHAPE,1,2D] (or you are meshing with an element that supports only triangles), and you have also specified mapped meshing [MSHKEY,1] to mesh an area.

For details about mapped meshing with triangles, see the Modeling and Meshing Guide.