Mapdl.nora(area='', ndir='', **kwargs)#

Rotates nodal coordinate systems to surface normal

APDL Command: NORA


The area number containing the nodes to be rotated to their normals. If ALL, applies to all selected areas (see the ASEL command). If AREA = P, graphical picking is enabled.


Direction of the normal. If NDIR = -1, the nodal coordinate system is rotated in the opposite direction of the surface normal. The default is the same direction as the surface normal.


The NORA command rotates the X-axis of the nodal coordinate system to the surface normal. The rotated nodal coordinate systems may be displayed through the /PSYMB command. In case multiple areas are selected, there could be conflicts at the boundaries. If a node belongs to two areas that have a different normal, its nodal coordinate system will be rotated to the area normal with the lowest number. You can use the AREVERSE and ANORM commands to rotate the surface normals in the appropriate direction. Keep the following in mind when using the NORA command:

If the nodal coordinate system is parallel to the global Cartesian system, it is not displayed through the /PSYMB command.

Previously specified rotation on the selected nodes are overridden.