se#'', toler='', **kwargs)#

Defines a superelement.

APDL Command: SE


The name (case sensitive) of the file containing the original superelement matrix created by the generation pass (Sename.SUB). The default is the current Jobname.


Tolerance used to determine if use pass nodes are noncoincident with master nodes having the same node numbers. Defaults to 0.0001. Use pass nodes will always be replaced by master nodes of the same node number. However, if a use pass node is more than TOLER away from the corresponding master node, a warning is generated.


Defines a superelement by reading in the superelement matrices and master nodes from the superelement matrix file. The matrix file (File.SUB) must be available from the substructure generation pass. The proper element type (MATRIX50) must be active [TYPE] for this command. A scratch file called File.SORD showing the superelement names and their corresponding element numbers is also written.