Mapdl.secoffset(location='', offset1='', offset2='', cg_y='', cg_z='', sh_y='', sh_z='', **kwargs)#

Defines the section offset for cross sections.


location, offset1, offset2, cg-y, cg-z, sh-y, sh-z

The location of the nodes in the section. All are dependent on the type. See the “Notes” section of this command description for details about these values for the various section types.


The SECOFFSET command is divided into three types: Beams, Pipes, and Shells.

The offsets defined by the SECOFFSET command are associated with the section most recently defined using the SECTYPE command. Not all SECOFFSET location values are valid for each subtype.

For the thermal shell elements, SHELL131 and SHELL132, the node offset specified by SECOFFSET is used in thermal contact analyses. Otherwise, the SECOFFSET command has no effect on the solution for these elements and is used only for visualization purposes.

This command is not valid with thermal solid elements SOLID278 and SOLID279.