Mapdl.slist(sfirst='', slast='', sinc='', details='', type_='', **kwargs)#

Summarizes the section properties for all defined sections in the

APDL Command: SLIST current session.


First section ID to be summarized. Defaults to first available section in the database.


Last section ID to be summarized. Defaults to last available section in the database.


Increment of the section ID; defaults to 1.


Determines the content of the summarized information for beams and shells.

BRIEF - For beams, lists only the section integrated properties (such as Area, Iyy, and

Iyz). This option is the default.

FULL - For beams, lists the section integrated properties, as well as the section

nodal coordinates, section cell connectivity information, and section cell integration point coordinates. For shells, the section stiffness (membrane, bending, membrane-bending coupling and transverse shear) are printed.

The shell section stiffness listed considers elastic behavior of materials at reference temperature only. The elements that use the section data may alter the transverse shear stiffness based on slenderness considerations (in addition to the shear correction factors shown). - Section stiffness terms listed via the FULL option do not include section

offsets. The ANSYS program considers section offsets during the solution phase of the analysis.

GROUP - If a section calls other sections, this option lists those sections too.


The section type. Valid arguments are ALL (the default) and the types available on the SECTYPE command.


By default, the command lists information concerning all sections; however, you can limit the output to only beam or pretension sections via the Type key. Also, by default when ocean loading is present, the command lists the beam section properties used by ocean loading.

Following is example output from the SLIST,,,,BRIEF command for a rectangular beam section subtype (SECTYPE,,BEAM,RECT):