Mapdl.sph5(xedge1='', yedge1='', xedge2='', yedge2='', **kwargs)#

Create a spherical volume by diameter end points.

APDL Command: SPH5

Defines a solid spherical volume anywhere on the working plane by specifying diameter end points. The sphere must have a spatial volume greater than zero. (i.e., this volume primitive command cannot be used to create a degenerate volume as a means of creating an area.) A sphere of 360° will be defined with two areas, each consisting of a hemisphere. See the sphere and sph4 commands for other ways to create spheres.

xedge1, yedge1

Working plane X and Y coordinates of one edge of the sphere.

xedge2, yedge2

Working plane X and Y coordinates of the other edge of the sphere.


Volume number of the sphere.


This example creates a sphere with one point at (1, 1) and one point at (2, 2)

>>> vnum = mapdl.sph5(xedge1=1, yedge1=1, xedge2=2, yedge2=2)
>>> vnum
Return type: