Mapdl.ssln(fact='', size='', **kwargs)#

Selects and displays small lines in the model.

APDL Command: SSLN


Factor used to determine small lines. FACT times the average line length in the model is used as the line length limit below which lines will be selected.


Line length limit for line selection. Lines that have a length less than or equal to SIZE will be selected. Used only if FACT is blank.


SSLN invokes a predefined ANSYS macro for selecting small lines in a model. Lines that are smaller than or equal to the specified limit (FACT or SIZE) are selected and line numbers are displayed. This command macro is useful for detecting very small lines in a model that may cause problems (i.e., poorly shaped elements or a meshing failure) during meshing. All lines that are not “small” will be unselected and can be reselected with the LSEL command.