Mapdl.sspa(a11='', a21='', a31='', a22='', a32='', a33='', t='', **kwargs)#

Specifies a preintegrated membrane stiffness for shell sections.

APDL Command: SSPA

a11, a21, a31, a22, a32, a33

Membrane stiffness component (symmetric lower part of submatrix [A]).




The behavior of shell elements is governed by the generalized- stress/generalized-strain relationship of the form:

The SSPA command, one of several preintegrated shell section commands, specifies the membrane stiffness quantity (submatrix [A]) for a preintegrated shell section. The section data defined is associated with the section most recently defined (via the SECTYPE command).

Unspecified values default to zero.

Related commands are SSPB, SSPD, SSPE, SSMT, SSBT, and SSPM.

For complete information, see Using Preintegrated General Shell Sections.