Mapdl.tbplot(lab='', mat='', tbopt='', temp='', segn='', **kwargs)#


Displays the material data table.


Data table label. Valid labels are: MKIN, KINH, MELAS, MISO, BKIN, BISO, BH, GASKET, and JOIN. Defaults to the active table label. For B-H data, also valid are: NB to display NU-B2, MH to display MU vs. H, and SBH, SNB, SMH to display the slopes of the corresponding data.


Material number to be displayed (defaults to the active material).


Gasket material or joint element material option to be plotted.

ALL - Plots all gasket data.

COMP - Plots gasket compression data only.

LUNL - Plots gasket linear unloading data with compression curve.

NUNL - Plots gasket nonlinear unloading data only.


Specific temperature at which gasket data or joint element material data will be plotted (used only when Lab = GASKET or JOIN). Use TEMP = ALL to plot gasket data or joint element material data at all temperatures.


Segment number of plotted curve (valid only when Lab = GASKET):

NO - Segment number is not added to plotted curve (default).

YES - Segment number is added to plotted curve. This option is ignored if the number

of data points in a curve exceeds 20.


Extra arguments to be passed to Mapdl.run.


Only data for stress-strain, B-H, gasket curves, or joint element nonlinear material model curves can be displayed.

The TBOPT and TEMP values are valid only when Lab = GASKET or JOIN.

The SEGN value is valid only when Lab = GASKET.

This command is valid in any processor.