Mapdl.tbpt(oper='', x1='', x2='', x3='', xn='', **kwargs)#

APDL Command: TBPT

Defines a point on a nonlinear data curve.


Operation to perform:

DEFI - Defines a new data point (default). The point is inserted into the table in

ascending order of X1. If a point already exists with the same X1 value, it is replaced.

DELE - Deletes an existing point. The X1 value must match the X1 value of the point

to be deleted (XN is ignored).

x1, x2, …, xn

The N components of the point. N depends on the type of data table. Except for TB,EXPE all other TB Tables support only 2 components.


Extra arguments to be passed to Mapdl.run.


TBPT defines a point on a nonlinear data curve (such as a stress-strain curve, B-H curve, etc.) at the temperature specified on the last TBTEMP command. The meaning of the values depends on the type of data table specified on the last TB command (MISO, BH, etc.).

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.