va#'', a2='', a3='', a4='', a5='', a6='', a7='', a8='', a9='', a10='', **kwargs)#

Generate a volume bounded by existing areas.

APDL Command: VA

a1, a2, a3, … , a10

List of areas defining volume. The minimum number of areas is 4. If A1 = ALL, use all selected [ASEL] areas and ignore A2 to A10. A component name may also be substituted for A1.


Volume number of the volume.


This command conveniently allows generating volumes from regions having more than eight keypoints (which is not allowed with the V command). Areas may be input in any order. The exterior surface of a VA volume must be continuous, but holes may pass completely through it.


Create a simple tetrahedral bounded by 4 areas.

>>> k0 = mapdl.k('', -1, 0, 0)
>>> k1 = mapdl.k('', 1, 0,  0)
>>> k2 = mapdl.k('', 1, 1, 0)
>>> k3 = mapdl.k('', 1, 0.5, 1)
>>> a0 = mapdl.a(k0, k1, k2)
>>> a1 = mapdl.a(k0, k1, k3)
>>> a2 = mapdl.a(k1, k2, k3)
>>> a3 = mapdl.a(k0, k2, k3)
>>> vnum =, a1, a2, a3)
>>> vnum
Return type: