These PREP7 commands are used to read model data into the database, list out the database, and control the numbering of entities in the database.


Lists the current data in the database.

Mapdl.cdread([option, fname, ext, fnamei, exti])

Reads a file of solid model and database information into the database.

Mapdl.cdwrite([option, fname, ext, fnamei, ...])

Writes geometry and load database items to a file.


Specifies format to be used for archiving geometry.

Mapdl.cecheck([itemlab, tolerance, dof])

Check constraint equations and couplings for rigid body motions.

Mapdl.check([sele, levl])

Checks current database items for completeness.

Mapdl.igesout([fname, ext, att])

Writes solid model data to a file in IGES Version 5.1 format.

Mapdl.mfimport([fnumb, option, fname, ext])

Imports a new field into a current ANSYS Multi-field solver analysis.


Prevents the CDREAD command from offsetting specified data items


Compresses the numbering of defined items.

Mapdl.nummrg([label, toler, gtoler, action, ...])

Merges coincident or equivalently defined items.

Mapdl.numoff([label, value])

Adds a number offset to defined items.

Mapdl.numstr([label, value])

Establishes starting numbers for automatically numbered items.