These PREP7 commands are used to create, modify, list, etc., keypoints.

Mapdl.k([npt, x, y, z])

Define a keypoint.

Mapdl.kbetw([kp1, kp2, kpnew, type_, value])

Creates a keypoint between two existing keypoints.

Mapdl.kcenter([type_, val1, val2, val3, ...])

Creates a keypoint at the center of a circular arc defined by three locations.

Mapdl.kdele([np1, np2, ninc])

Deletes unmeshed keypoints.

Mapdl.kdist([kp1, kp2])

Calculates and lists the distance between two keypoints.

Mapdl.kfill([np1, np2, nfill, nstrt, ninc, ...])

Generates keypoints between two keypoints.

Mapdl.kgen([itime, np1, np2, ninc, dx, dy, ...])

Generates additional keypoints from a pattern of keypoints.

Mapdl.kl([nl1, ratio, nk1])

Generates a keypoint at a specified location on an existing line.

Mapdl.klist([np1, np2, ninc, lab])

Lists the defined keypoints or hard points.

Mapdl.kmodif([npt, x, y, z])

Modifies an existing keypoint.

Mapdl.kmove([npt, kc1, x1, y1, z1, kc2, x2, ...])

Calculates and moves a keypoint to an intersection.

Mapdl.knode([npt, node])

Defines a keypoint at an existing node location.

Mapdl.kpscale([np1, np2, ninc, rx, ry, rz, ...])

Generates a scaled set of (meshed) keypoints from a pattern of

Mapdl.kscale([kinc, np1, np2, ninc, rx, ry, rz])

Generates a scaled pattern of keypoints from a given keypoint pattern.


Calculates and prints geometry statistics of the selected keypoints.

Mapdl.ksymm([ncomp, np1, np2, ninc, kinc, ...])

Generates a reflected set of keypoints.

Mapdl.ktran([kcnto, np1, np2, ninc, kinc, ...])

Transfers a pattern of keypoints to another coordinate system.

Mapdl.source([x, y, z])

Defines a default location for undefined nodes or keypoints.