Special purpose#

These PREP7 commands are used for special-purpose operations.

Mapdl.aerocoeff([aeromodetype, ...])

Computes the aero-damping and stiffness coefficients and writes them to an APDL array.

Mapdl.cint([action, par1, par2, par3, par4, ...])

Defines parameters associated with fracture parameter calculations

Mapdl.cycfreq([option, value1, value2, ...])

Specifies solution options for a cyclic symmetry mode-superposition

Mapdl.cyclic([nsector, angle, kcn, name, ...])

Specifies a cyclic symmetry analysis.

Mapdl.cycopt([option, value1, value2, ...])

Specifies solution options for a cyclic symmetry analysis.


Specifies circular symmetry for electromagnetic sources.

Mapdl.mstole([method, namesurf, namefluid])

Adds two extra nodes from FLUID116 elements to SURF151 or SURF152

Mapdl.perbc2d([loc1, loc2, loctol, r1, r2, ...])

Generates periodic constraints for 2-D planar magnetic field analyses.

Mapdl.physics([option, title, fname, ext])

Writes, reads, or lists all element information

Mapdl.race([xc, yc, rad, tcur, dy, dz, cname])

Defines a "racetrack" current source.

Mapdl.sstate([action, cm_name, val1, val2, ...])

Defines a steady-state analysis.

Mapdl.xfdata([enrichmentid, elemnum, ...])

Defines a crack in the model by specifying nodal level set values

Mapdl.xfenrich([enrichmentid, compname, matid])

Defines parameters associated with crack propagation using XFEM


Lists enrichment details and associated crack information