Mapdl.rmrplot(refname='', type_='', mode1='', mode2='', **kwargs)#

Plots response surface of ROM function or its derivatives with respect

APDL Command: RMRPLOT to the dominant mode(s).


Reference name of ROM function. Valid reference names are “SENE” for the strain energy of the mechanical domain and any capacitance definition, previously defined by means of the RMCAP command, for the electrostatic domain.


Type of data to be plotted. Valid types are:

FUNC - Response surface (default)


First mode number (used for Type = “FIRST” and Type = “SECOND” only).


Second mode number (used for Type = “SECOND” only).


The objective of response surface fit is to compute an analytical expression for the strain energy and the capacitance as functions of modal amplitudes. This command assumes that the coefficient files jobnam_ijk.pcs are available [RMRGENERATE]. Visualization of the response surface will help to evaluate the validity of the function fit.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.