Mapdl.rmsmple(nlgeom='', cap='', seqslv='', eeqslv='', **kwargs)#

Runs finite element solutions and obtains sample points for the ROM

APDL Command: RMSMPLE method.


Specify whether a large or small deflection analysis is to be performed for the mechanical domain:

OFF (or 0) - Perform small deflection analysis (default).


Capacitance calculation method.

CHARGE - Compute capacitance based on the charge voltage relationship (default).


Solver for structural analysis:

SPARSE - Sparse direct equation solver (default).


Solver for electrostatic analysis:

SPARSE - Sparse direct equation solver (default).


This command prepares and runs multiple finite element solutions on the Structural domain and the Electrostatic domain of a model to collect sample points of data for ROM response curve fitting. The command requires a model database [RMANL] and two Physics Files (Structural domain, titled “STRU” and an Electrostatic domain, titled “ELEC”; see PHYSICS command). Also required is a complete ROM database generated from the ROM Tools. The Cap = CHARGE method is preferred when capacitance to “infinity” is not required. Capacitance conductor pairs are defined by the RMCAP command.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.

Strain energy and capacitance data files jobname_ijk.dec (mode i, j, k).