Generation pass#

These commands are used to create a reduced order model.


Lists all defined master nodes for a ROM method.

Mapdl.rmanl([fname, ext, dimn, oper])

Assigns model database, dimensionality, and operating

Mapdl.rmaster([node, lab])

Defines master nodes for the ROM method.

Mapdl.rmcap([refname, c1, c2])

Defines lumped capacitance pairs between conductors C1 and C2 for a ROM


Lists all lumped capacitance pairs defined.


Lists all mode specifications for the ROM method.

Mapdl.rmmrange([mode, key, min_, max_, ...])

Defines and edits various modal parameters for the ROM method.

Mapdl.rmmselect([nmode, method, dmin, dmax])

Selects modes for the ROM method.

Mapdl.rmporder([ord1, ord2, ord3, ord4, ...])

Defines polynomial orders for ROM functions.


Performs fitting procedure for all ROM functions to generate response

Mapdl.rmroptions([refname, type_, invert])

Defines options for ROM response surface fitting.

Mapdl.rmrplot([refname, type_, mode1, mode2])

Plots response surface of ROM function or its derivatives with respect


Prints status of response surface for ROM function.

Mapdl.rmsmple([nlgeom, cap, seqslv, eeqslv])

Runs finite element solutions and obtains sample points for the ROM


Exports ROM model to external VHDL-AMS simulator.