Mapdl.anstoasas(fname='', key='', **kwargs)#

Creates an ASAS input file from the current ANSYS model.



ASAS file name. Defaults to Jobname.


Key indicating type of file to produce:

0 - ASAS file for use by ANSYS Aqwa (no loads written). Creates the file


1 - ASAS file (all data written, including loads). Creates the file Fname.asas.

2 - ASAS(NL) file. Creates the file Fname.asnl.


This command creates an input file for the ANSYS Asas Finite Element Analysis System from the model and loads currently in the database, based on the currently selected set of elements. Most common structural element types are written, as well as sections (or real constants), materials, boundary conditions and loads, and solution and load step options.

Data Written

The following data is written:

Solution control options



Material data

Geometry data

Section data

ANSYS element components (ASAS sets)

Boundary conditions


Added mass (via MASS21 element)

Details are provided in the following sections.

Not all data is written. You must verify the completeness and accuracy of the data. Only loading at the current step is transferred; hence, no load step history is captured.

Solution Control Options

The ASAS project name is defined as “ANSYS”.

The solution control options are converted as follows:



For conversion to ASAS(NL), the large displacement option is set based on NLGEOM, final load solution time is set based on TIME, and sub-step times are set based on DELTIM or NSUBST (assuming constant step size).

Element Data

If you intend to use the data only with AQWA-WAVE, only the elements that form the wetted surface are required. Selecting these elements before invoking the ANSTOASAS command will improve performance. In order for AQWA-WAVE to identify the direction of the wave loading, all elements must be defined by nodes in a clockwise direction. For further information, refer to the AQWA-WAVE manual.

The element types are converted as follows:

SPR1: SPR2: if: rotational: spring: FLA2: (ASAS(L): only): if: nodes: are: not: coincident: and: longitudinal: spring:

QUM4: TRM3: -: if: Triangular

BRK8: TET4: -: if: Tetrahedral: BRK6: -: if: Prism

QUS4: TBC3: -: if: Triangular

QUM8: TRM6: -: if: Triangular

BR20: TE10: -: if: Tetrahedral: : BR15: -: if: Prism

QUS4: TBC3: -: if: Triangular

QUM4: TRM3: -: if: Triangular

QUM8: TRM6: -: if: Triangular

BRK8: TET4: -: if: Tetrahedral: BRK6: -: if: Prism

BR20: TE10: -: if: Tetrahedral: BR15: -: if: Prism

TCBM: -: if: ASAS(L): STF4: -: if: ASAS(NL)

Documentation for this legacy element type appears in the Feature Archive.

Material Data

Linear isotropic material conversion is supported for ASAS and ASAS(NL).

Geometry Data