Exits normally from a processor.



Exits any of the ANSYS processors or the DISPLAY program. For the ANSYS processors, data will remain intact in the database but the database is not automatically written to a file (use the SAVE command to write the database to a file). See also the /QUIT command for an alternate processor exit command. If exiting POST1, POST26, or OPT, see additional notes below.

POST1: Data in the database will remain intact, including the POST1 element table data, the path table data, the fatigue table data, and the load case pointers.

POST26: Data in the database will remain intact, except that POST26 variables are erased and specification commands (such as FILE, PRTIME, NPRINT, etc.) are reset. Use the /QUIT command to exit the processor and bypass these exceptions.

This command is valid in any processor. This command is not valid at the Begin level.