These SESSION commands are for file operations, such as deleting, copying, and listing.

Mapdl.anstoaqwa([fname, vertaxis, gc, rho, ...])

Creates an AQWA-LINE input file from the current ANSYS model.

Mapdl.anstoasas([fname, key])

Creates an ASAS input file from the current ANSYS model.

Mapdl.assign([ident, fname, ext, lgkey])

Reassigns a file name to an ANSYS file identifier.

Mapdl.copy([fname1, ext1, fname2, ext2, distkey])

Copies a file.

Mapdl.slashdelete([fname, ext, distkey])

Deletes a file.

Mapdl.fcomp([ident, level])

Specifies file compression level.

Mapdl.lgwrite([fname, ext, kedit, ...])

Writes the database command log to a file.

Mapdl.starlist([fname, ext])

Displays the contents of an external, coded file.

Mapdl.slashclog([fname, ext])

APDL Command: /CLOG

Mapdl.slashfdele([ident, stat])

Deletes a binary file after it is used.

Mapdl.rename([fname1, ext1, fname2, ext2, ...])

Renames a file.