Mapdl.anpres(nfram='', delay='', ncycl='', refframe='', **kwargs)#

Produces an animated sequence of the time-harmonic pressure variation

APDL Command: ANPRES of an engine-order excitation in a cyclic harmonic analysis.


Number of frame captures per cycle. Defaults to 3 times the number of sectors.


Time delay (seconds) during animation. Defaults to 0.1 seconds.


Number of animation cycles. Defaults to 5.


Reference frame for the model rotation.

0 - Rotating reference frame (default). The model remains fixed in space and the

pressure revolve around the model.

1 - Stationary reference frame. The model rotates and the pressure locations remain

fixed in space.


ANPRES invokes a macro which produces an animated sequence of the time- harmonic applied pressure in the case of a mode-superposition harmonic analysis (ANTYPE,HARMIC with CYCOPT,MSUP,ON). The engine-order excitation must also have been specified (CYCFREQ,EO). While pressure loads are not accepted as valid loading in a mode-superposition analysis (they must be applied in the modal analysis and the modal load vector applied in the mode-superposition analysis) you can apply them for the purposes of this animation.

For RefFrame = 1 (stationary reference frame), the rotational velocity from the Linear Perturbation step, or the current OMEGA or CGOMGA value, is used to determine the rotation direction about the cyclic cylindrical axis, otherwise a positive rotation is assumed.

You may use /HBC,,ON to hide overlapping pressure faces, and use /GLINE,,-1 to suppress the element outlines if desired.