Mapdl.bfecum(lab='', oper='', fact='', tbase='', **kwargs)#

Specifies whether to ignore subsequent element body force loads.



Valid body load label. If ALL, use all appropriate labels.


Replace or ignore key:

REPL - Subsequent values replace the previous values (default).

IGNO - Subsequent values are ignored.


Scale factor for the element body load values. Zero (or blank) defaults to 1.0. Use a small number for a zero scale factor. The scale factor is not applied to body load phase angles.


Used (only with Lab = TEMP) to calculate the temperature used in the add or replace operation (see Oper) as:


Allows repeated element body force loads to be replaced or ignored. Element body loads are applied with the BFE command. Issue the BFELIST command to list the element body loads. The operations occur when the next body loads are defined. For example, issuing the BFE command with a temperature value of 25 after a previous BFE command with a temperature value of 20 causes the new value of that temperature to be 25 with the replace operation, or 20 with the ignore operation. A scale factor is also available to multiply the next value before the replace operation. A scale factor of 2.0 with the previous “replace” example results in a temperature of 50. The scale factor is applied even if no previous values exist. Issue BFECUM,STAT to show the current label, operation, and scale factors.

BFECUM does not work for tabular boundary conditions.

This command is also valid in PREP7.