Mapdl.cmatrix(symfac='', condname='', numcond='', grndkey='', capname='', **kwargs)#

Performs electrostatic field solutions and calculates the self and mutual capacitances between multiple conductors.x



Geometric symmetry factor. Capacitance values are scaled by this factor which represents the fraction of the total device modeled. Defaults to 1.


Alphanumeric prefix identifier used in defining named conductor components.


Total Number of Components. If a ground is modeled, it is to be included as a component. If a ground is not modeled, but infinite elements are used to model the far-field ground, a named component for the far-field ground is not required.


Ground key:

0 - Ground is one of the components, which is not at infinity.

1 - Ground is at infinity (modeled by infinite elements).


Array name for computed capacitance matrix. Defaults to CMATRIX.


To invoke the CMATRIX macro, the exterior nodes of each conductor must be grouped into individual components using the CM command. Each set of independent components is assigned a component name with a common prefix followed by the conductor number. A conductor system with a ground must also include the ground nodes as a component. The ground component is numbered last in the component name sequence.

A ground capacitance matrix relates charge to a voltage vector. A ground matrix cannot be applied to a circuit modeler. The lumped capacitance matrix is a combination of lumped “arrangements” of voltage differences between conductors. Use the lumped capacitance terms in a circuit modeler to represent capacitances between conductors.

Enclose all name-strings in single quotes in the CMATRIX command line.

See the Mechanical APDL Theory Reference and HMAGSOLV in the Low- Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis Guide for details.

This command does not support multiframe restarts.