Mapdl.dadele(area='', lab='', **kwargs)#

Deletes degree-of-freedom constraints on an area.



Area for which constraints are to be deleted. If ALL, delete for all selected areas [ASEL]. If AREA = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). You can substitute a component name for AREA.


Valid constraint labels are:

ALL - All constraints.

SYMM - Symmetry constraints.

ASYM - Antisymmetry constraints.

UX - Displacement in X direction.

UY - Displacement in Y direction.

UZ - Displacement in Z direction.

ROTX - Rotation about X axis.

ROTY - Rotation about Y axis.

ROTZ - Rotation about Z axis.

PRES - Pressure.

TEMP, TBOT, TE2, TE3, …, TTOP - Temperature.

MAG - Magnetic scalar potential.

VOLT - Electric scalar potential.

AX - Magnetic vector potential in X direction (see notes).

AY - Magnetic vector potential in Y direction.

AZ - Magnetic vector potential in Z direction (see notes).

CONC - Concentration.


Deletes the degree of freedom constraints at an area (and all corresponding finite element constraints) previously specified with the DA command. See the DDELE command for delete details.

If the multiple species labels have been changed to user-defined labels via the MSSPEC command, use the user-defined labels.

See the DA or the DA commands for details on element applicability.

Warning:: : On previously meshed areas, all constraints on affected nodes will be deleted, whether or not they were specified by the DA command.

This command is also valid in PREP7.