Mapdl.freq(freq1='', freq2='', freq3='', freq4='', freq5='', freq6='', freq7='', freq8='', freq9='', **kwargs)#

Defines the frequency points for the SV vs. FREQ tables.

APDL Command: FREQ

freq1, freq2, freq3, … , freq9

Frequency points for SV vs. FREQ tables. Values must be in ascending order. FREQ1 should be greater than zero. Units are cycles/time.


Repeat the FREQ command for additional frequency points (100 maximum). Values are added after the last nonzero frequency. If all fields (FREQ1 – FREQ9) are blank, erase SV vs. FREQ tables.

Frequencies must be in ascending order.

Spectral values are input with the SV command and interpreted according to the SVTYP command. Applies only to the SPRS (single-point) option of the SPOPT command. See the SPFREQ command for frequency input in MPRS (multi-point) analysis.

Use the STAT command to list current frequency points.

This command is also valid in PREP7.