Mapdl.lssolve(lsmin='', lsmax='', lsinc='', **kwargs)#

Reads and solves multiple load steps.


lsmin, lsmax, lsinc

Range of load step files to be read and solved, from lsmin to lsmax in steps of lsinc. lsmax defaults to lsmin, and lsinc defaults to 1. If lsmin is blank, a brief command description is displayed. The load step files are assumed to be named Jobname.Sn, where n is a number assigned by the lswrite command (01–09, 10, 11, etc.). On systems with a 3-character limit on the extension, the “S” is dropped for numbers > 99.


lssolve invokes an ANSYS macro to read and solve multiple load steps. The macro loops through a series of load step files written by the LSWRITE command. The macro file called by lssolve is called LSSOLVE.MAC.

lssolve cannot be used with the birth-death option.

lssolve is not supported for cyclic symmetry analyses.

lssolve does not support restarts.


Write the load and load step option data to a file and solve it. In this case, write the second load step.

>>> mapdl.lswrite(2)
>>> mapdl.lssolve(1, 2)