Mapdl.mfmap(lab1='', lab2='', filename='', opt='', **kwargs)#

Calculates, saves, resumes, or deletes mapping data in an ANSYS Multi-

APDL Command: MFMAP field solver analysis.


Operation label:

CALC - Calculate mapping data and keep it in memory (default).

SAVE - Calculate mapping data, keep it in memory, and save it to a file. (If

MFMAP,CALC or MFMAP,RESU have been issued, just save it to a file.)

RESU - Resume the mapping from a file and keep it in memory.

DELE - Free the mapping memory.


Applicable mapping label:

ALL - Surface and volumetric mapping.

SURF - Surface mapping only.

VOLU - Volumetric mapping only.


The file name for a mapping data file (filename.sur for surface mapping and filename.vol for volumetric mapping). Defaults to Jobname. Applies to the commands MFMAP,SAVE and MFMAP,RESU only.


File format:

BINA - Binary file (default).

ASCI - ASCII file.


This command calculates, saves, resumes, or deletes mapping data. It defaults to calculating the mapping data. If MFMAP has not been previously issued, the mapping data will be automatically calculated during the solution process. On the other hand, the ANSYS Multi-field solver will use previously created mapping data. Resumed mapping files must have load transfer specifications that are consistent with those of the current MFSURFACE and MFVOLUME commands and the ANSYS database.

This command is also valid in PREP7.

See Multi-field Commands in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide for a list of all ANSYS Multi-field solver commands and their availability for MFS and MFX analyses.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.