Mapdl.mfoutput(freq='', **kwargs)#

Specifies results file output frequency for an ANSYS

APDL Command: MFOUTPUT Multi-field solver analysis.



N - Write solution every Nth (and the last) time

step. Defaults to 1, for every time step.

-N - Writes up to -N equally spaced results (for multifield auto time stepping).

NONE - Suppresses writing of results for all multifield time steps.

ALL - Writes results for every multifield time step (default).

LAST - Writes results for only the last multifield time step.

%array% - Where %array% is the name of an n X 1 X 1

dimensional array parameter defining n key times, the data for the specified solution results item is written at those key times. Key times in the array parameter must appear in ascending order. Value must be greater than or equal to the ending time values for the load step.

For restart runs (see MFRSTART command), either change the parameter values to fall between the beginning and ending time values of the load step, or erase the current settings and reissue the command with a new array parameter. - For more information about defining array parameters, see the *DIM command documentation.


A MFOUTPUT setting overrides any other output frequency setting (OUTRES). To select the solution items, use the OUTRES command.

For the case of Freq = -n and Freq = %array%, the results at the time points which first time reaches or exceeds the targeting ouptupt time points will be written.

This command is also valid in PREP7.

See Multi-field Commands in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide for a list of all ANSYS Multi-field solver commands and their availability for MFS and MFX analyses.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.