Mapdl.outaero(sename='', timeb='', dtime='', **kwargs)#

Outputs the superelement matrices and load vectors to formatted files

APDL Command: OUTAERO for aeroelastic analysis.


Name of the superelement that models the wind turbine supporting structure. Defaults to the current Jobname.


First time at which the load vector is formed (defaults to be read from SENAME.sub).


Time step size of the load vectors (defaults to be read from SENAME.sub).


Both TIMEB and DTIME must be blank if the time data is to be read from the SENAME.sub file.

The matrix file (SENAME.SUB) must be available from the substructure generation run before issuing this command. This superelement that models the wind turbine supporting structure must contain only one master node with six freedoms per node: UX, UY, UZ, ROTX, ROTY, ROTZ. The master node represents the connection point between the turbine and the supporting structure.

This command will generate four files that are exported to the aeroelastic code for integrated wind turbine analysis. The four files are Jobname.GNK for the generalized stiffness matrix, Jobname.GNC for the generalized damping matrix, Jobname.GNM for the generalized mass matrix and Jobname.GNF for the generalized load vectors.

For detailed information on how to perform a wind coupling analysis, see Coupling to External Aeroelastic Analysis of Wind Turbines in the Mechanical APDL Advanced Analysis Guide.