Mapdl.prscontrol(key='', **kwargs)#

Specifies whether to include pressure load stiffness in the element

APDL Command: PRSCONTROL stiffness formation.


Pressure load stiffness key. In general, use the default setting. Use a non-default setting only if you encounter convergence difficulties. Pressure load stiffness is automatically included when using eigenvalue buckling analyses (ANTYPE,BUCKLE), equivalent to Key = INCP. For all other types of analyses, valid arguments for Key are:

NOPL - Pressure load stiffness not included for any elements.

(blank) (default) - Include pressure load stiffness for elements SURF153, SURF154, SURF156,

SURF159, SHELL181, PLANE182, PLANE183, SOLID185, SOLID186, SOLID187, SOLSH190, BEAM188, BEAM189, FOLLW201, SHELL208, SHELL209, SOLID272, SOLID273, SHELL281, SOLID285, PIPE288, PIPE289, and ELBOW290. Do not include pressure load stiffness for elements SOLID65.

INCP - Pressure load stiffness included for all of the default elements listed above

and SOLID65.


This command is rarely needed. The default settings are recommended for most analyses.