Mapdl.pscontrol(option='', key='', **kwargs)#

Enables or disables shared-memory parallel operations.



Specify the operations for which you intend to enable/disable parallel behavior:

ALL - Enable/disable parallel for all areas (default).

PREP - Enable/disable parallel during preprocessing (/PREP7).

SOLU - Enable/disable parallel during solution (/SOLU).

FORM - Enable/disable parallel during element matrix generation.

SOLV - Enable/disable parallel during equation solver.

RESU - Enable/disable parallel during element results calculation.

POST - Enable/disable parallel during postprocessing (/POST1 and /POST26).

STAT - List parallel operations that are enabled/disabled.


Option control key. Used for all Option values except STAT.

ON - Enable parallel operation.

OFF - Disable parallel operation.


Use this command in shared-memory parallel operations.

This command is useful when you encounter minor discrepancies in a nonlinear solution when using different numbers of processors. A parallel operation applied to the element matrix generation can produce a different nonlinear solution with a different number of processors. Although the nonlinear solution converges to the same nonlinear tolerance, the minor discrepancy created may not be desirable for consistency.

Enabling/disabling parallel behavior for the solution (Option = SOLU) supersedes the activation/deactivation of parallel behavior for element matrix generation (FORM), equation solver (SOLV), and element results calculation (RESU).

The SOLV option supports only the sparse direct and PCG solvers (EQSLV,SPARSE or PCG). No other solvers are supported.

This command applies only to shared-memory architecture. It does not apply to the Distributed ANSYS product.