Mapdl.psdfrq(tblno1='', tblno2='', freq1='', freq2='', freq3='', freq4='', freq5='', freq6='', freq7='', **kwargs)#

Defines the frequency points for the input spectrum tables PSDVAL vs.

APDL Command: PSDFRQ PSDFRQ for PSD analysis.


Input table number. When used with the COVAL or the QDVAL command, TBLNO1 represents the row number of this table. Up to 200 tables may be defined.


Input table number. TBLNO2 is used only for the COVAL or the QDVAL commands and represents the column number of this table.

freq1, freq2, freq3, … , freq7

Frequency points (cycles/time) for spectrum vs. frequency tables. FREQ1 should be greater than zero, and values must be in ascending order. Log-log interpolation will be used between frequency points.


The spectrum values may be input with the PSDVAL, COVAL , or QDVAL commands. A separate PSDFRQ command must be used for each table and cross table defined. Frequencies must be in ascending order.

Repeat PSDFRQ command for additional frequency points. Values are added after the last nonzero frequency. If all fields after PSDFRQ are blank, all input vs. frequency tables are erased. If TBLNO1 is nonblank, all corresponding PSDVAL tables are erased. If both TBLNO1 and TBLNO2 are nonblank, all corresponding COVAL and QDVAL tables are erased.

This command is also valid in PREP7.