Mapdl.qrdopt(reusekey='', symmeth='', cmccoutkey='', **kwargs)#

Specifies additional QRDAMP modal analysis options.



Reuse key for method=QRDAMP specified in MODOPT command.

ON - Reuse the symmetric eigensolution from the previous

load steps or from the previous solution.

OFF - Do not reuse (calculates symmetric eigensolution at

current load step). This is the default.


Mode-extraction method to be used for the symmetric eigenvalue problem.

LANB - Block Lanczos (default for shared-memory parallel processing).

SUBSP - Subspace algorithm (default for distributed-memory

parallel processing).


Complex Modal Contribution Coefficients (CMCC) output key. See Calculate the Complex Mode Contribution Coefficients (CMCC) in the Structural Analysis Guide for details and usage.

ON - Output the CMCC to the text file Jobname.CMCC.

OFF - Do not output the CMCC. This is the default.


If the filename.modesym file exists in the working directory and ReuseKey = ON, filename.modesym will be reused. If filename.modesym does not exist in the working directory, the symmetric eigensolution will be calculated.

When ReuseKey=ON, both the new modal analysis (filename.modesym usage) and the preceding modal analysis (filename.modesym generation) must be performed using the same product version number.

The mode-extraction method changes depending on the type of parallelism involved. For performance reasons, the subspace method is used with distributed-memory parallel processing (Distributed ANSYS) runs, while the Block Lanczos method is used with shared-memory parallel processing runs.